Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Shiznit.

Party stores give me the big creeps...  And also James Spader.  Keep both away from me.  I will freak out if either are near me in any form.  

I named Michael after my wonderful father, and Stella after my beloved and missed great-grandmother, and my fantastic little sister, Mikhaila.

Certain visual patterns can make me physically sick.  I call them “visuals,” and I know it’s weird. I can't even describe them to you, because they upset me greatly. There are textures, that are related to the patterns that also bother me. I can't mention those either.

I also can't stand slurping, scraping, or smacking, eating sounds. If I commit murder, it will be because someone pushed me too far with their torturous eating sounds assaulting my ears one too many times.

I love old houses with character and history, but I live in a newer, shed roof, reverse batten, angular, modern-style house.  When I say newer, it was built in the 1970s... by Sam's dad... I'm not this house's biggest fan.

I grew up in Bellows Falls, with my grandmother and most of my cousins within walking distance. We almost lived in a little loop around a few neighborhoods.  

My grandmother taught me how to swim.   I still only know a modified version of the breaststroke… except I always thought it was called the breathstroke.  

I was 22 the first time I got on a plane.  I have only traveled on a plane to Florida twice, Philadelphia, and Chicago.  Michael and Stella have already traveled on a plane at age one to Florida.

I am a teacher.  I wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember.

I almost became a nurse practitioner.  I actually applied and was accepted to 4 well-known nursing programs.  In a last minute decision, influenced by my parents, I acknowledged that teaching had always been my dream, and luckily The University of Vermont let me switch from their nursing program, into the Education and Social Services school, to major in Elementary Education.

I missed the ceremony to receive my Cum Laude medal (the one I wore to wear at my college graduation), because my little sister, then just barely 12 years old, and I went to meet John McCain at the state house in Montpelier. We loved him at that time. We watched his car pull up, and one of his aides comb his hair, since he can't lift his arms because of military service, POW injuries. We both got teary-eyed when we watched that.

I am fully aware of how quickly time passes, and I marvel in all the wonderful little accomplishments my babies make every single day.  I have kept a journal since the day I found out I was pregnant in which I record funny things they say and do.  I don’t want to forget anything!

My family has offered exceptional examples of true love, and I feel lucky I found it too.  My great grandparents, Stella and James O'Connor, were madly in love with each other.  My grandparents still snuggled and kissed at 86.  My grandmother misses my grampy so much right now.  I have a great family.

I love to read books, and wish I had more time for reading. I want to write my own book someday.

When my kids were toddlers I let them watch TV, but only PBS or DVR recorded shows that I thought were educational.  I avoided letting them see commercials and "junk TV."  
One day, when I forgot to skip the commercials for Miss Stella while she was watching Max and Ruby, she saw a commercial... and she didn't stop talking about “Bendaroos” for a year! “Bendaroos, I need them, mommy.  I love Bendaroos, mommy, so, so, so much.”  

It's not a total free-for-all, now, but they watch a lot of TV.  They love The Hub, Disney, etc.  I feel guilty that they watch TV more than I think they should. I still won't let them watch Sponge Bob, Nickelodeon, or anything with big weird-looking puppets.  And because I've been so adamant about the "silliness and brain numbing qualities" of that kind of television show, they won't even watch it on their own, or try to sneak it either.  If it somehow comes on the TV, they call for me to change it with great urgency.

I like watching decorating shows and I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. That's weird. I never cared about decorating or any shit like that before I was married.

I drink a lot of coffee in the morning, but I am still always tired.  I don’t remember what it feels like to not be tired.

The last set of twins in my family was my great aunt and uncle, Reginald and Madeline.  My great-great grandmother, who had them, was named Johanna.  Weird right? Joanna/Johanna... Yeah?!