Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stop. Just Stop.

In the past few weeks I've written enough in the  to replace all the pages in an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica books... to no one.  The words are swirling, floating like a balloon, slipped from a child's hand, and disappearing into the atmosphere... It becomes so very small, then disappears.  How long before it pops?
I'm also sure that most of what I write is hyperbolic, hypocritical nonsense.

See, if you can't even tell the difference between nonsensical, offensive garbage, and meaningful words that truly reach someone, that means it's a good time to stop writing... Stop writing to an invisible audience.  Just stop. 

I think I need a break from myself and my own thoughts?  I think too much.  I can't even just write a blog post about stopping writing without writing a whole lot of words.  I could keep going here...  I just keep typing.  But, I mean it.  I'll shut up. (Do you believe me?)

Oh, I really hate anything that reminds me of that horrible scene from Crime and Punishment... But, you get the point.