Sunday, June 17, 2012

What doesn't kill you...

So, when a person has a blog, and doesn't write for a while, a reader should assume that something ridiculous is happening.  From my own limited experience, a person who decides to create a blog likes to write, and likes to have an audience for that writing.  I write to sort of work through things going on in my head.  I stopped writing.  That didn't mean my life didn't get particularly more ridiculous, but it seemed like the ridiculousness slowed me down a little bit, and I couldn't think for a while.

Fixing up that darn "cottage" was exhausting.  The last two days of work were grueling and the completion of the project seemed impossible.  The plumbing kept leaking.  We did not hire a professional plumber because we were out of money.  The tenant had a friend who knew how to solder, and Sam had a book on plumbing...  It was like, "Why is this joint leaking? Why is this nozzle leaking?  Look, it's not leaking!  OH wait, where is that water coming from?"  I had to leave because it seemed hopeless.  But it was not hopeless and Sam learned a lot about plumbing.  Now he says he's ready to install a second bathroom in our own house.  Hmmmm...  Yeah, we survived the "cottage" renovation.

Secondly, my house (or really, my children) are in a never ending battle with me.  Clean dishes/dirty dishes, clean laundry/dirty laundry, clean floors/dirty floors.  Household chores only lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction.  No matter how wonderful it looks when you get a job "done," with 5 year old twins, the job is undone within 24 hours.  That's an overestimation...  The job is undone within one hour.  The feeling of victory is short-lived and just doesn't lead to much excitement. That means I kind of stopped doing the laundry.  Well, I keep cleaning it, but the clean laundry sits on the laundry table in a huge mountain, sometimes moved to our bed, the floor, the bed, the floor. It's a whole lot of mess, but we'll survive all that too....

And, personally, with my job, I'm having a ridiculous battle with people who hold contempt for me for things I can not change.   Let's just say, having people work against you is a lot less pleasant than having them work with you.  It's exhausting.  It's ridiculous.  I'll survive.

If you can't beat it, join it.  Our eternal clean laundry pile is, in fact, good for something.