Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blog Hiatus: Desk Job.

Hiatus:  A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.

I took a hiatus, because the only person reading my blog, (well, it was set to private) was my husband.  And he stopped reading it.  See?  But I began again, for myself.  For myself...  There was a break, but for a time not interruption of continuity.  Life went on the same...

I asked him to come sit with me.  I looked him in the eyes.  I asked Sam to wake me up.

He said, "I don't know what you mean?"

So therein lies the problem.

"Do you mean metaphorically, or literally, like in the morning?"


"Like wake you up with sex, get sexual?"

"No.  What?!  What are you talking about?"

"I don't know, I'm not in the frame of mind to understand things."

"Don't you miss me? Don't you get it?"

"Hey, I want to build this desk..." 

So, I tell him right? I tell him I have been half asleep for at least 13,140 hours--788,400 minutes of being only halfway here? 
I say, "You should build a desk; I think it would be perfect there.  We need to get more organized."

He's building a desk right now.
I can hear the screw gun.
And what I want to know
Is how I'm going to sleep
With all that noise.

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