Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zombies and Blasphemy.

"It's a dead issue when you stop talking about it.  Let's move on for christ's sake!"

Someone just wrote this to me recently and there are a few problems I have with both sentences.  Let me start by saying one should never take the Lord's name in vain, but it's particularly offensive during the Holy season of Lent.  I can't stand people who just throw around "Jesus Christ," like it's an expletive.  I'm pretty sure using it as an improper noun does not help any situation. 

Ash Wednesday: Beginning of Lent.
I'm guilty of minor blasphemy.  I have always had a habit of exclaiming, "Oh my God," but every single time I do, I remember my mother telling me, when I was a little girl, "You shouldn't say that.  God thinks you're talking to him now and you had better have something really important to say."  We're Catholic.  The Act of Contrition opens with the words: "Oh my God, I am heartily sorry, for having offended thee."

Yet, in contrast, my students think it's hilarious that I say, "What the hang?" which apparently I learned from my grandmother.  By the end of the school year, they all say, "What the hang?" instead of "What the Hell/F#$K?" (They learn many important things from me).

Save your brains!  Communicate!  
And secondly, I don't think any issue can just be buried.  It always comes back when people and emotions are involved.  When you try to bury them, they just come back as freaking, really scary zombies.

Better to talk all your issues through as soon as they arise, (and every time they arise), or you're suddenly --with no warning what-so-ever--going to find your brains are being eaten.

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