Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shooting Stars

January 28th, 2012.  It was late, close to midnight, and Sam and I decided to go out into the hot tub.  It seems like we would want to do that a lot--use our hot tub when the kids are sleeping--but it's not common for us, especially that late at night.

Our hot tub sits on our deck, right outside our bedroom, and as we eased ourselves into the water, we looked up.  The sky was like no sky I have seen before.  Stars filled the sky, and were so bright it felt like we could touch them.  We lay in the steaming water in silence, in awe really at the beauty of what was around us.  Slowly, soft, but tree swaying winds, rippled over and over through our yard.  It felt like the breeze was swirling around us, just us, where we were.  They were comforting and warm, even though it was January.  I took a deep breath and it filled me with such peace, and I knew right then, that my Grampy was close to me and God was there.  I've been waiting for a sign.
I think he was knocking at the door. Sam said he was. I'm coming to you. You will love me.
Our hot tub is next to a bank, and there are trees all along one side, up to a field above, an opening to the sky.  I saw a shooting star to my right.  We talked about shooting stars, and Sam said they were just tiny bits of dust or rock entering into the Earth's atmosphere. It's a burning trail of light, short lived, but beautiful.  It was magical.  It was so perfectly mystical: it felt like magic.

I looked all over the Internet the next day and there was no mention of meteor showers, or even of the stars being particularly bright.  I felt like it should have been front page news, all the world should have been told this was coming.

But, maybe it was just for me.  Maybe is was just for me. And I didn't answer the door.

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