Monday, May 2, 2016


...That's what we got, with our sweet Michael and Stella.  My mom was sick and couldn't attend, but when I visited her to say, "Happy Mother's Day," she did mention that Michael's tie was too long and it was backwards.  "How could none of you notice." She Photoshopped the pictures I sent her to look better.  

You know, Michael wanted to wear one of "daddy's ties," and he chose Sam's Knights of Columbus tie, and he put it on himself...  We were trying so hard to get things ready... I was up most of the night...  cleaning, baking... hoping things would turn out just right for them...  And it was perfect.  I'm sorry she couldn't come.  She would have seen it was perfect, and not studied photos and found flaws in the appearance of the little boy, smiling so happily.  

John didn't make it.  He came up later, with his kids.  I thought it was for the little party for the twins we were having at our house, but I realized afterward, that he didn't even congratulate Stella or bring her a card, (He's her Godfather).  He had wanted us to babysit his kids so he and his wife, who didn't make it to the party, could go to Massachusetts to pick up a tractor.  It was after 3:30 when he mentioned this.  He came very late to the party.  I have the hardest time saying no, and I love my brother, but that day was about my children, and I was so tired, and I wasn't going to babysit on a school-night, far past even my own children's bedtime, let alone the bedtime of a 5 and 3 year old.  

Yet, Susan, (my cousin, and Michael's Godmother), made it to the Mass with her 6 week old baby Julie Estelle. It was lovely.  I didn't cry until that night, after school left.  I was so happy she had come.  It meant so much to my babies.  And It meant so much to me.  XO.

 And my Uncle, Steve, brought Nanny up.  It was at 9:00 am, and she called before 7:00 am, worried Steven wasn't feeling well, and might not be able to give her a ride.  Sam had told her he would drive down to get her if Steve couldn't do it.  When I called her back, she said Steve was coming with her, and she would be there.  Steve told me afterward, he was so tired, and felt kind of crappy, but his wife said, "Stephen, if your 91 year old mother can get up and be ready to go before 7:00 am, then you had better get your act together, and go bring her to her great-grandchildren's catechism!"  

I was proud, but not surprised that the first things the twins wanted to do after the Mass was over was "hug Nanny Tops."  Their first religious experiences were really with my nanny and grampy, going to Mass on Sunday evenings in Springfield together.  They would drive up, the babies were really still just little babies, and fit in their car seats, and we would sit together and it felt good.  It felt happy.  It was Heaven.

1. Just about 9 years ago, minus a few months, Nanny holds Stella at her Baptism.  
2. Their expressions looking back to see Nanny Topsy (91 years old). They were so happy she was able to attend.

Michael's first Communion.  In Mike's first Reconciliation he confessed his "sins," and then Father Peter asked him if he ever lied.  Michael said, "No, I never lie."  And that's the truth.  Father Peter joked that his penance was to was his car. 

They were so very happy to get their First Communion.

Stella's first Communion.  She is very spiritual.

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