Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I do. A Dream.

Our 11th anniversary is quickly approaching.  In fact, it's next week. 
 Eleven years.  
One house.  
Two cars.  
Two babies.  
Maybe it was our trip to Burlington, that inspired my dream.  Maybe it was something else.  What do dreams mean, anyway?  

Lake Champlain.

So: I dreamed about working on the Lake Champlain boat again, and there was this couple who wanted to get married on the bow of that small ship spontaneously--except not so spontaneously because they were dressed for a special occasion. Her dress had ruffles that floated up in the wind, and "made her look fat." That dress needed a sash or belt in this wind, I thought.

I was looking everywhere for a black ribbon to use as a belt on the dress, and the bride was with me. We opened the only closet on the boat, located behind the buffet table. I was on my hands and knees rummaging around desperately, but then I suddenly realized we were in all these closets... we were looking through closets from all time, and all my life. We were crawling through closets that existed when I was a child, in my childhood home, and the clothes all smelled exactly the way I remember our house smelling, and my mom's closet smelling. And the bride and I were looking and looking, to see if there was a ribbon-belt we could borrow from one of these closets.

And we found something. And then we were on the boat again, even though we had never actually left. In our search we had lost time, though, and it was now cloudy and the weather ominous, yet I knew it had to be the perfect lighting, the perfect moment to get married, and I knew that moment would come.

We waited, and the light suddenly glowed on the bow of the boat, and we stepped outside, into the sun and breeze off the lake, ready for the wedding. It was that perfect moment. I knew it. As the party lined up ready for the "impromptu ceremony," I was loading film, incidentally, and the ship captain was ready to perform the ceremony. But, as they stood in the glowing light, it suddenly disappeared, and it began to rain, and we all ran back inside.

We kept waiting and waiting for the rain to stop, and the light to come back. I knew, (as the photographer witnessing this event, and the one who needed the perfect light for the perfect picture of this couple), that it would reappear... But it didn't come any time before I left the dream.  The boat just kept moving through the water, like it was never going to head back to the dock and let these passengers off, until the light came back--Until the light came back for that perfect picture, and that perfect moment to say, "I do."

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