Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saint Dymphna.

“Saint Dymphna, renowned for many miracles, please hear my plea.”

I'm Catholic.  I know I'm the "bad" kind, the "good ones will tell you.  We don't go to church regularly, although we did when the babies were babies.  My nanny and grampy used to meet us in Springfield for the 6:00 pm Sunday Mass, and they would be tickled by the babies innocent, quiet antics, and the fact that our little family was following a very strong family tradition and religious faith.  

We stopped going to church regularly for a few reasons that are not acceptable in the eyes of God or the good ones:  1.  It got more difficult for Grampy to drive...  See, Macular Degeneration meant he couldn't drive at night, and the days got shorter, and the seasons changed... and the next year he was a little more sick and crippled...  and then he was gone.

2.  Flossie Stankovich, who lived next door to my parents until the age of 100 or something, said, "When my children were young, my husband and I took turns going to Mass so our children wouldn't be disruptive."

3.  The 2008 election.  Our babies were almost two years old.  Even my grandparents were disheartened by the political subject chosen in almost every sermon...  The Church was speaking strongly against voting for any democratic candidates.  The priests in area churches focused on only the issues of the sins of "Same Sex Marriage," and "Abortion."  Pro-choice, and accepting all human beings for who they are and want to be, meant anti-God, (it seemed), and we didn't believe that, and didn't want our children thinking their parents believed that, or hearing any negative messages over and over when we should be celebrating life and love in Church.

4.  Life?  Does daily life, and the things we "think we need to do, and get done," get in the way of life?  We're too tired, kids are whining, we need to finish building the deck, we need to replace that window, we need to...  What?  

That doesn't mean I'm not spiritual or that I don't believe in God. I believe.  I believe strongly in a higher power, and a something bigger than us, and I believe in the Holy Spirit, and life after death.  

There is a beautiful, historic, and rich spiritual catholic faith in New Mexico.  The churches, the miracles, the icons.  Mikhaila brought me blessed dirt from El Santuario de Chimayo, and a punched tin icon of Saint Dymphna.  The description on the back offers a prayer and a description:  "Saint Dymphna offers much solace to those suffering from psychological problems as well as their families. She is invoked to bring peace to the unbalanced as well as create an aura of calm and consolation for those who live in the midst of instability."

I wear the medal now, and I pray to Dymphna sometimes... but mostly I pray to my Grampy John and Nanny Stell to watch over my children and protect them from all of the mental and emotional turmoil that so many of us have endured in this family.  I pray they will get a reprieve.  Here's your pass, kids, you'll be fine.  No, you'll be more than fine or okay, you'll be happy!  I pray that all that I have experienced, all that I know, and all I have learned will do some good for them.  I pray for that every night.  It's a silent prayer every time I see their little faces.  It's a constant prayer in my heart.  

Novena to Saint Dymphna

O God, we humbly beseech you through your servant Saint Dymphna, who sealed with her blood the love she bore you, to grant relief to those who suffer from mental afflictions and nervous disorders, especially my loved one.

Saint Dymphna, helper of the mentally afflicted, pray for us.
Saint Dymphna, comforter of the despondent, pray for us.
Saint Dymphna, renowned for many miracles, please hear my plea.

Lord God, Who has graciously chosen Saint Dymphna to be the patroness of those afflicted with mental and nervous disorders, and has caused her to be an inspiration and a symbol of charity to the thousands who invoke her intercession, grant through the prayers of this pure, youthful martyr, relief and consolation to all who suffer from these disturbances, and especially to those for whom we now pray. 

We beg You to accept and grant the prayers of Saint Dymphna on our behalf. Grant to those we have particularly recommended patience in their sufferings and resignation to Your Divine Will. Fill them with hope and, if it is according to Your Divine Plan, bestow upon them the cure they so earnestly desire. Grant this through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 


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